This month our construction has been limited due to a number of factors. Mainly because of the order set forth by the Phuket provincial offices only allowing the gathering of 30 people or less in one place. This has limited the number of workers that we can use on-site. To further comply and assist our teams we have instructed them to not work close to each other and to abide by social distancing at all times. 


With the limited number of workers, we decided to focus on the building’s wall work. This month we have made good progress with wall plastering, the external walls are now all complete and the internal walls are now half way. We have finished installing the scaffolding that we started in April.

At the same time, the wall panel installation has continued in the buildings nearby.

The scaffolding has been installed outside the buildings.

The workers started plastering the external walls of the buildings.

The workers started plastering the external wall.


(left) The external wall plastering is halfway completed (right) The whole external wall now has been fully plastered. 


In the mid-zone building we still have the wall panel installation to compete. The progress of the installation has been a bit slower than normal because of the covid-19 restriction.


Основная конструкция

This month we completed all the main structure for buildings W3 and W4. We will continue with the wall work as soon as we can have the whole team there like normal. Whereas the main structure in the Mid-zone has had little progress this month because of the limited workers allowed to work onsite. This month we have finished 1-floor slab and 1 level of column work.

The pictures show the completion of the building W3 and W4.

(Left) The workers check the area before installing the scaffolding. (right) The scaffolding has been installed on the top of the 2nd floor. In this picture is the scaffolding to support the 3rd floor.