Because of the decrease in infections in Phuket, Covid-19 restrictions are being lifted, meaning workplaces, schools, and restaurants are now open again. However, there are still restrictions in place from the provincial government that limit the number of workers allowed on-site to not over 30 people. This leads to slower progress of overall work compared to a normal situation. There was also a massive rainstorm during the month of June. So, we focused on the wall panel installation which is indoors, and some of the major structures in the mid-zone.


After firstly completing the external plastering wall work in the upper zone. Right now, we have also delivered the panel bricks to the buildings. And, next month we plan to install the wall panels in the mid zone.

The external wall plastering of the upper zone is nearly finished. We will continue the internal plastering after this step.

Meanwhile, the wall panel installation has continued in the mid-zone buildings.


Another picture of the wall panel installation for the building’s bedrooms. The workers install the wall to separate the bedrooms while some of them stick the panels together with cement.


Основная конструкция

This month we have finished the 1st level of floor slabs for the buildings in the mid-zone. We have also continued with the last level of the bracing beams and the columns. We installed the shutter board panels for the new floor slab formwork after finishing the columns. The progress is good, compared to the number of workers we may have on-site. Once the restriction has lifted, when all the workers come back, we hope the progress of the entire project will speed up.

(Left-Right) The columns are nearly ready for another level of the floor slab.

We installed the scaffolding to support the formwork of the floor slab.

(Left) The building with the scaffolding from a distance view. (Right) The scaffolding under the formwork has been installed, and the team has inspected Its strength.

(Left) The shutter boards for the floor slabs are being installed. (Right) They are preparing the reinforced steel and the post-tension slings on-site.

Our workers installed the reinforced steel bars after the post-tension sling was attached to the edge of the building.  (Right) They attached the MEP sleeves to the correct locations.