Work on the wall panels began in mid-November. Last month, we started installing walls in our first building. This month, you will notice further progress of this installation. 

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(Above) An Overview of Wall Installation Work in the Upper Zone
The Entire Wall Work has Now Reached the Stage of 25% Completion


(Above) The Installation Team Begins Installing the Panels in Accordance with the Floor Markings

(Above) Wall Panels are Installed in Other Rooms

A View of The Wall Installation from the Outside of the Building

Another View of the Wall Installation from Outside of the Building


Основная конструкция

Structural work has been ongoing since last month. The new buildings, for which the structural work was started last month, have shown good progress regarding the bracing beams and the floor slabs. The buildings in the middle zone on the right-hand side of the project (the Andara side) are undergoing work on the bracing beams before the floor slabs are installed. The remaining buildings are currently having floor slabs installed.

(Above) The Main Structure for the Buildings in the Mid-Zone is Now Almost Complete
The 2 Buildings Shown Above Now Have 3 Floor Slabs, and Work Continues on the Columns


(Above) Scaffold Installation in the Mid-Zone to Support an Additional Level of Bracing Beams


(Above) In Reinforced Steel Bars are Attached to the Columns in the Mid-Zone
Next, Wooden Formwork is Installed for the Concrete to be Poured for the Next Level of Bracing Beams


(Above) Wood Being Installed to Support the New Bracing Beams

(Above) Floor Work for the Buildings Nearby has Started with Plywood Formwork Being Installed, which will be Followed by the Installation of the Reinforced Steel and Post-Tension Sling


(Above) The MEP Work will be Installed after the Sling, Ready for the Concrete Pouring

(Above) The Engineer Inspects the Post-Tension Sling

(Right) The Concrete is Poured into the Formwork for the Building Floor Slab

Material Preparation

At the workstation in the lower area, the material is being prepared for all the ongoing structural work.

(Above) Steel Bars Being Delivered On-site

(Above) Material Being Prepared for the Main Structure of a Building
Reinforced Steel Bars are Prepared at the Workstation Before Being Transferred to the Construction Area

(Above) Workers Secure Steel Bars to Form Part of the Building Column Structure