Due to the Covid-19 pandemic that has resurfaced on the island at the beginning of this month, there have been only a few working days this month. The Covid-19 outbreak has forced many companies to stop working and to let their staff stay at home. We also had the Thai New Year, which is a long holiday in the middle of the month, which is why we have so few working hours this month. According to the government’s announcement, the construction site allows a maximum of 30 people at a time only. There’s a lot of uncertainty about the situation next month as the amount of people infected is climbing. Due to this, we can not effectively tell you the exact date that work will resume as normal, but as soon as the government gives the green light, we will continue our construction of this beautiful property.


We started our construction after the middle of the month in order to allow our staff to go home during the Songkran, Thai New Years’ holiday. We started plastering the walls in the upper zone while continuing to install the wall panels in the middle sector.
The scaffolding being installed outside the buildings.
(left) The workers mark the spots on the wall with the water level before they start plastering. (right) The wire mesh has been installed in the wall to help strengthen the plastering by making it stick together and to reduce the crack on the surface of the wall.
Our team has started plastering the exterior walls.
A view of the wall plastering work going on from a distance.

The wall panel installation continues in the buildings in the mid-zone.


Основная конструкция

This month, we focused on the structural work of 2 buildings in the mid zone. These buildings are scheduled to be completed structurally next month. However, these dates may change due to Covid-19 restrictions that have been put in place.
The materials are transferred to the construction area using the tower crane.
The scaffolding for the floor slabs being installed before we start with the concrete pouring..
All the reinforced steel and MEP are installed in the casting before the concrete pouring may begin.
We have scheduled the concrete pouring to be finished next month for these two buildings.