Project in Brief

New phases with the construction of several new buildings due to start in December. Surveys and boundary markings for more buildings have begun. Meanwhile the construction operation team is preparing all necessary materials, building the workers’ campsite and more workstations. Our construction management team is going to concentrate on the architectural drawings for construction to seamlessly blend areas.


To ensure a timely completion, we’re currently working overtime to make up the time we won’t be able to work on site over the holiday period; from 24th December to the 5th January.

In Our Efforts to Catch Up as Much as Possible with This Year’s Delays, Our Construction Team is Working Overtime Almost Every Day

Our Construction Team is Working Overtime in the Evening of Almost Every Day

Pictorial Update

Footings are completed and the progress is slightly ahead of schedule, since the footing for the swimming pool and broadwalk has also been completed.

Workers Prepare the Steel Work for the Concrete Pouring (Left), Concrete Pouring on the High Area (Right), Assisted by a Tower Crane

Completion of Footing

Building Progress: Buildings settle to allow for a certain level of concrete strength before continuing with the step beam work. Meanwhile the workers move onto the next buildings.

Footing Work


The Workstations in the Upper and Lower Zones

Preliminary Work: Clearing Land, Surveying and Boundary Marking

Land Excavation and Clearing

The Workers’ Station and Material Preparation