This month, we have successfully completed all the wall work for the upper zone, and we are currently busy building the structures for the staircase and elevators for these buildings. As for the lower zone, we are currently finished with the building structure and have already started with the wall installations.
(above) The completion of the two buildings’ wall installation.
(Above) An outside overview of the wall installation work in the upper zone.
The materials for the lower zone have all arrived at the site and are ready to be installed by our team.

(Above) The Q-con wall panels have been delivered on-site and the installation of the panels has started.

(right) The team has been checking the installation area to make sure everything is ready before installation can begin.

(Above) The wall panels are being installed in the lower zone.

(Above)  The team is working on the staircase structure in the upper zone buildings.

(Above) The team is busy with the structural wall work for the lift at some buildings.


Main Structure

For the middle zone, the focus has been on installing the floor slabs which we started with last month. So far, the team has made really good progress and we hope to see it completed swiftly.

(Above) The workers install the reinforced steel bar for the floor slabs. (right) The post-tension slings are attached to the reinforced bars.

(Above) The reinforced steel bars have been installed for the swimming pools structures.

(Above) The floors are ready for the concrete to be poured. (right) The MEP sleeves have been installed in preparation for the concrete pouring.

(Above) The process of concrete pouring for the building slab floor.

(Above) Once the floor slabs are dry, we may start installing the subsequent columns on that level. (right) The workers started to install the scaffolding to prepare for another level of the floor slabs.