Project in Brief:
Buildings under construction: There are several buildings currently under construction, including the water tank.
The shotcrete work: Soil protection measures started in the beginning of February and are currently ongoing.
The COVID-19 situation: The construction site has been ordered to temporarily halt construction due to government measures to combat the spread of COVID-19.

The COVID-19 Situation
During this month the number of people infected with the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Thailand has increased. In response to this situation, several provinces of Thailand, including Phuket, have implemented measures to contain the the outbreak. Right now, the island is in lockdown, all the restaurants are now offering takeaway/delivery only and some shopping malls have been ordered to close under the latest order issued by the Phuket Govenor.

As part of the COVID-19 emergency measures ordered by the Phuket governor and the Thai government, we are also forced to temporarily close our offices and have urged staff to work from home wherever possible, with some staff members on standby for urgent situations. We have also agreed to halt construction until further notice. We will, therefore, work overtime to complete construction once we are permitted to continue operations.

Soil Protection in the Construction Area
The soil protection work has been progressing well and is now almost complete. While the shotcrete work for the soil protection project is in progress, there is no construction on the buildings concerned due to obstruction.

The Shotcrete Workers Mixing the Sand and Cement

The Soil Specialist Checks the Lines of Reinforced Wire Mesh to Ensure that it has Completely Adhered to the Soil and then the Workers Start to Spray the Cement onto the Surface of the Soil

Completion and Inspection of the Shotcrete Work

Construction Update

New Buildings in the Upper Zone

We’ve started new buildings now due to the possibility of them being obstructed by other buildings if they’re constructed later. During this month, the work on foundations is well underway.

The Area is Surveyed Before Construction Work Begins
Workers Compact the Soil to Render it Stable Before Laying the Concrete for the Footing

Preparation for the Footing with Reinforced Steel Bars

Concrete is Poured Over the Form Work for Completion of the Footing

Excavation Begins and the Form Work is Prepared for the Concrete Pouring

Workers Inspect the Footing Form Work Before the Pouring of the Concrete

The Footing After the Concrete Has Been Poured and is Drying

Further Building Construction

Construction for buildings in the area for which the soil protection measures are complete can begin now that the shotcrete has settled. For these buildings, another 2 levels of bracing beams are required.

Installation of the Scaffolding to Support the Form Work, Which Will Hold the Heavy Concrete for the Bracing Beams

Installation of the Form Work for the Beams

Pouring of the Concrete from the Tower Crane into the Form Work Mold

Additional Construction

During the excavation of rock in the lower zone, it was decided that some of the rock can be used as part of the footings. The engineers re-calculated the size of the footings to ensure that they will have adequate strength.

Steel Bars are Attached to the Rock and then Concrete is Poured on Top
Their Strength was Calculated by Experienced Civil Engineers

The Pouring of Cement for the Footing in Another Area of this Building

Following the Completion of the Footing, Work on Bracing Beams Continues

The Overall Construction Area After Completion of the Footing
Soil is Restored and Workers Continue Working on the Columns to Support the 1st Level of Bracing Beams

The Water Tank Project

We intend to build another floor for the water tank building. This 3-story building will carry the water supply tank for the whole project. Now the progress is at the 2nd floor level.

Progress of the Water Tank Project Over the Last Month

Installation of Reinforced Steel Bars on the 2nd Floor of this Building in Preparation for Concrete Pouring