The construction work recommenced on the 20th May 2020 after the easing of the COVID-19 lockdown. 

(Above) an Overview of the Construction in the Upper Zone

In the last report, the scaffold was being installed for the floor slabs.
For all of July, we worked on the floor slabs for several buildings, one of which started later because it required soil protection measures. The second floor slab is now complete for several buildings.


We have been working all day and we have also worked during the night because the weather in July is very unpredictable.

During the monsoon in July, there were heavy rain and storms, which suspended the outdoor work and caused construction delays for a week.

To solve this problem, we have been working during the night when the rain ceases because of the need to finish on schedule. When the weather is like this for 1 or 2 days, it can cause delays of 1 week or more. Thus, to mitigate these circumstances, we continue working whenever we can.


(Above) Night-Time Construction Work During the Monsoon Season


We have now surveyed the soil in the area where we will construct a new building. Due to the different types of the soil over the whole project, it is essential to get exact information about the soil in each area so that we can effectively plan individual buildings.

The Target Area Following a Soil Inspection

The Drilling Machine Being Installed Onsite


Overall: The second-level bracing beams are complete, as are the columns, which will support the first floor slabs. At the end of July, we began to construct a boardwalk and a ramp in preparation for when the hotel opens.

(Above) The Workers Install the Steel Bars to Reinforce the Second-Level Bracing Beams

The Main Structure of the Swimming Pool Surge Tank Has Been Form

(Above) Workers Install the Mold for the Bracing Beam

(Above) After the Concrete Has Been Poured, it Takes a Week to Dry Before the Mold is Removed

(Above) The Bracing Beam After Removal of the Mold, and then Installation of the Reinforced Steel Bars for the Columns

(Above) Installation of the Mold for the Column Work, Ready for the Pouring of the Concrete

(Above) Once the Mold is Removed, the Columns and Bracing Beams are Revealed

This Must be Left for a Week to Completely Dry, to Ensure That it is Strong Enough for the Next Stage of Construction

(Above) Installation of the Boardwalk Area Begins


(Above) Construction of the Ramp is Now Underway, with the Piling and Footing Complete
This Will Facilitate the Transferal of Materials from the Lower to the Upper Zone

The second floor slab for the two buildings below are in progress.

(Above) Workers Install Columns to Support the First Floor Slab
Following Installation of the Molds, Concrete will be Poured into the Columns

(Above) After the Removal of the Molds, the Columns are Revealed and Installation of the Scaffold to Support the First Floor Slab Continues

(Above) Plywood Boards are Installed Over the Whole Building Area, After Which, Concrete will be Poured Over it, Following the Installation of Sleeves, Reinforced Steel Bars, and a Post-Tension Sling

(Above) Concrete Pouring Commences

(Above) We Poured Concrete During the Night-Time and (Right) the First Floor Slab is Complete

Further Building Types

(Above) At the Beginning of July, We Began Constructing a Scaffold to Support the First Floor Slab

(Above) Installation of the Plywood Shutter Boards, Followed by Reinforced Steel Bars, Sleeves and the Post-Tension Sling

(Above) After Installation of the Post-Tension Sling, Our Engineer Inspects the Site Before the Concrete is Poured

(Above) Workers Start Pouring the Concrete in the Evening and Continue Late into the Night

(Above) After Completion of the First Floor Slab, We Begin the Column Work (Right) and Concrete is Poured into the Mold as the Rain Begins Again

(Above) Completed Columns Above the First Floor Slab

(Above) An Overview of the Completed Scaffold and Plywood Shutter Boards that will Support the Second Floor Slab

(Above) Pouring the Concrete for the Second Floor Slab


In the area where soil protection measures were taken (soil nail work), one building shows slower progress due to the time taken for soil protection work. In late July, the scaffold was installed, ready for concrete pouring. Another building in this area now has a completed second floor slab. Further progress reports will follow

(Above) Installation of the Scaffold and Plywood Shutter Boards Above the Bracing Beam, Ready for the First Floor Slab

(Above) Installation of Reinforced Steel Bars, the MEP Sleeve and the Post-Tension Sling on the Plywood Shutter Boards, Ready for the Pouring of the Concrete

(Above) We Poured the Concrete During the Night-Time to Compensate for Delays Caused by Stormy Conditions

(Above) Completion of the First Floor Slab and Installation of the Reinforced Steel Bars for the New Columns

(Above) New Columns are Placed Above the First Floor Slab, Followed by the Scaffold to Support the Second Floor Slab

(Above) Installation of the Plywood Shutter Boards, and (Right) a View of the Building from a Distance

(Above) Installation of the Plywood Mold, Reinforced Steel Bars, and MEP Sleeve, and (Right) a View from a Distance Upon Completion

(Above) Concrete Pouring

(Above) The Second Floor Slab of this Building is Now Dry

Despite the Adverse Weather Conditions, Workers Strive to Continue with Construction