Project in Brief

– The construction of more buildings is ongoing, with 2nd-level tie beams completed for several. Work on columns for the 1st floor slabs and the bracing beams is in progress.

Completed tie beams can be seen in the image below, along with the 1st floor step beams. Prior to starting the 1st floor slab, these buildings must be left for the concrete to reach the desired strength. Meanwhile, work on additional tie beams continues.

The Overall Progress of 4 Buildings

Workers Pouring Concrete for the Tie Beams and Columns in Preparation for the 1st Floor Slab.

Workers Pouring Concrete for the Tie Beams and Columns in Preparation for the 1st Floor Slab.

In the Buildings Below, Progress on the Tie Beams Continues According to Schedule

In the Image Above, Workers Have Started the 1st-Level Tie Beams

The form work of the additional tie beam was the first thing we did after the long holiday.

The Concrete Has Been Poured into the Form Work for the Building Above and is Now Drying

Soil Protection in the Construction Area Since part of the Himalai project is on high, hilly ground, a soil specialist engineer is closely inspecting and supervising the site. To ensure safety and to protect the integrity of the project, the soil specialist engineer has recommended taking the following measures, which are used in similar hilly areas with tropical climates, like Hong Kong.

1.1. “Soil nailing”: On the high slope, the specialist will reinforce the area using
steel and cement, as shown in the image below.

(Above) The Diagram Shows the Soil Nailing Method

1.2 “Shotcrete”: In the same area, the surface will be sprayed with cement and
encased in a wire mesh to protect the land and soil surface.

1.3. Regular Testing: After the soil nails and shotcrete work is complete, tests will be performed to monitor the movement of the soil nails, and the specialist will send the test results to the project.

These soil protection measures are now set to start. Although there’s a possibility of this staggering construction work somewhat, the results will be well worth it, since client safety is our first priority.

Our next update will focus on further soil protection measures, new buildings and the water tank project.