Project in Brief:
– Bracing beams for several buildings are now complete with the first-floor slabs set to begin.
– Soil protection measures have begun, and progress is steady.

The Overall Progress of Several Buildings at the end of February 2020


Pictorial Update
Bracing beams are now complete for several buildings, ready for the first floor slab installation. For this, we have started construction of the scaffold to support the floor slab form work.

(Above) Left: Completion of an Additional Bracing Beam

Right: Workers Prepare the Scaffold for the New Floor Slab

Bracing beams for level 1 of several buildings are now under construction while soil protection work is in progress.

(Above) Bracing Beams Are Complete for the First Level of This Building and Shotcrete for Soil Protection Has Also Been Completed for This Area

(Above) Concrete Pouring in Progress for an Additional Bracing Beam

New Building in the Lower Zone

A new building is under construction in the lower zone, with no soil problems or obstructions, so progress is continuing under favourable conditions.

(Above Left) The Excavator Prepares the Area for the Building Foundations

(Right) Concrete is Prepared for the Foundations

(Above) Some Rock Was Found in the Area of This Building

(Above) Workers Doing Overtime to Keep on Schedule

The Water Tank

The water tank, which is located above the project, must be finished to prevent obstruction to residential buildings in the upper zone.

(Above) Workers Prepare the Area for the Water Tank Beams

(Above) The First Floor Slab Concrete and Steel Work for the Water Tank Building

Soil Protection in the Construction Area

We have been employing soil protection measures since the beginning of February to maintain soil strength and safety as construction work continues.

According to our soil engineer, soil protection measures are now complete for some areas and the soil conditions are good and strong enough to support the construction load. Therefore, we are set to lay the first-floor slab for the first building in these areas.

(Above) Shotcrete Equipment is Delivered Onsite

(Above) The Soil Specialists Have Installed the Reinforced Wire Mesh and Pipes Over the Targeted Area

(Above) Dry Concrete is Mixed with the Solution in the Machine, and Then Sprayed onto the Soil Surface

The Whole Soil Protection Process Takes Approximately 2 Months

(Above) an Aerial View of the Shotcrete Work