Project in Brief

–  Footings have been completed for several ongoing buildings, and additional tie beams are in progress to ensure full sea views.
–  A survey for new buildings revealed the need for a soil study and soil protection measures to prevent landslides during construction.

Pictorial Update
Completion of footings and progression of step beams continue on schedule.​

Overall Progress of Four Buildings

Additional Step Beams (Shown in Red) Will be Added to Ensure Sufficient Height for Sea Views

Construction Workers Pour Concrete for Step Beams and Columns (3 Images Shown Above)

Footings Have Been Completed for Several Buildings, Ready for Additional Tie Beams (Above)

Construction of Footings

Soil study and soil protection

Varying soil types and slopes required an in-depth soil study and measures to protect the soil against landslides. This is essential for protecting the soil surface during the construction process.

Soil Protection is Essential for this Area before Foundations are Laid