(29 October 2019) After months of hard work, we are pleased to announce that the structural work of the buildings in the lower zone of Himalai Oceanfront Condominiums is complete. With the dry season finally upon us, we will be speeding up the construction work of this project.

We have already begun the construction of the buildings in the upper zone of the project.

On the top floor of the building, concrete is being poured to form the floor slab.

These are the completed structures of the buildings in the lower zone.

This October, we began the construction of buildings on the right side (see green area of the map below) of the upper zone, which is the area next to Andara. Working on high grounds is always challenging, as trucks can only reach certain heights and areas due to the limitation of the project road. All the required construction materials will be transported to the upper zone by 3 tower cranes.

We are currently in the stage of surveying, excavation, and material preparation. By the end of this month, we aim to start the footing work and complete it by the second week of November.

(Left) The excavation process is taking place in the upper zone.
(Right) The materials, machinery, and equipment have all been delivered to the site of construction, which are all being transported to the upper zone by tower cranes.

(Left) Material preparation is underway.
(Right) The upper zone is being surveyed.

The preparation of steelwork is underway to reinforce the footing.

The concrete has been poured into the footing for the new buildings in the upper zone.