Works to the structures and clearing the main area for the road are proceeding well due to the good weather. We have not lost too much time to the rains — we have been fortunate most of the rain has fallen at night or early morning.

E1 building is coming on well and is quickly rising behind the other buildings. E2 and E8 are coming up with N1, and we will announce the next 3 blocks shortly as we now have 3 tower cranes in operation on this project.

We are now working on the infrastructure and have once again we hit rock. This has to be removed — at least we can say it’s a very solid site.

In addition to these works we have been placing the waste water treatment tanks into position. The EIA are very strict about this. We also understand and support the importance of being ECO friendly.

Our teams of designers, consultants, engineers, main contractors and sub contactors meet weekly to discuss project progress and plan outstanding goals and project milestones. We work closely together carefully going through a step by step process to ensure that the project will be a great success — it will be.