The main frame of the works which is the preparation and ongoingof the structural works which includes the site surveys and excavation and as some footings have been land filled over these need to be unearthed so now we have begun to the right side of the project which we call the Andara side and soon it will be more visible that we are working there as it rises above the ground.

It’s been a very lean wet season to date which has been good for us for the most part to be doing the land excavation works as well as the ongoing laying of the piping works and for the large waste water bio treatment tanks.We have also cleared areas of the top land of the project for rain water run off as well as the large V ditch which runs from top to bottom of the site inanticipation of heavy rains asSeptember and October are wettest months of the year in Phuket.

With the construction of works which includes the mep and a lot of prep works our weekly team meetings we follow through combining the structural, mep and architecture works to ensure the best for the project and we continue to work close with Best western and there very experienced team.